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about us

In an effort to care for the mentally challenged children of the communities. Ajinkya Foundation was started in the year 2002 with three children. Struggling for the Mentally challenged children's future the school went on growing from 25 students to 60 students Which gave success for Mrs. Shailaja Goundaje and Mr. Ashok Goundaji and started a new Institute in the year 2016. The main and primary objective of the trust is to develop confidence in the minds of all type of mentally/physically challenged children and motivating them to face the daily activities without others help.

With efforts from the years the new institute which especially is built for the children with a beautiful environment. The built-up area of the institute is 872.49 sq.m. and vast premises of 1502.6 sq.m In which the institute has also a playground for the children of 2850 sq.m. The whole area is surrounded by different tree plantation in which we have planted over 100 Mango trees (Reliance jumbo Kesar) which are purely organic.

The institute also has facilities for rainwater harvesting. Wastewater treatment, Tube well, Tap water (provided by the Gov. of India) and Internet facility. The classrooms are build according to Person with Disability Act of India. Each classroom has a capacity of 8 students with a teacher and sitting arrangement of chairs and tables. We have various departments such as

  • Physical therapy
  • Psychology Dept.
  • Behaviour Treatment Unit
  • Medical Unit
  • Checkup room
  • Homeopathic Medication

The children undergo a monthly medical check-up by doctors who visit the institute frequently.

our history

Mrs. Shailaja Goundaje (Diploma Elec. Engg) Started a Special School in 2002 with 3 of her children. Married in the year 1990, she had three beautiful children which were born normal in few years the children went through a illness and fever which led them to Dementia and were mentally challenged.

To give a great future to her children Mrs. Shailaja Goundaje made a decision in her life and went on training for the mentally challenged children. She completed her Ded In Special mental retardation with distinct in 2002. On 1st July 2002 she took a step to the future of the students a started a school for the Mentally challenged Children. She set her vision to give the children a great future Through constant professional endeavors, empowering the persons with mental retardation to access the state of the art rehabilitation intervention viz, educational, therapeutic, vocational employment, leisure and social, sports and cultural programmes and full participation


Through constant professional endeavors, empowring the persons with mental retardation to access the state of the art rehabiliation intervention viz, educational, therapeautic, vocational employment, leisure and social, sports and culture programmes and full paritcipation.


To Bring quality of life of every person with mental retardation equaly to other citizens in the country that they live independently to the maximum extent as possible.